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In the region of Reit im Winkl and at high season, there are more than 70 establishments for gastronomy services.

Starting with mulled wine, to the finest drops, from Bavarian beer to noble fruit brandies, or a simple cheese bread, a hearty mix of local cold cuts, fresh fish from the surrounding creeks or lake Chiemsee, or a Gourmet dinner, homemade baked specialties like cakes and tortes, original Italian ice cream or natural honey from the local mountain bees. Reit im Winkl is offering uncountable delights for every taste.

We at Hotel am Hauchen prefer specialties and products from our region. You are very welcome to ask us regarding first hand and updated information’s, to find out about best locations to buy and enjoy those treats.


There are only a view days during the year, where is no event happen in Reit im Winkl.

It might be a so called” Heimat Abend” with local traditional music groups, local traditional dances with the famous Lederhosen, concerts in the spa park or the local banquet hall, cottage nights, livestock pushes to higher grounds and back downwards, biathlon, ski jumping and much more… Just ask us, we will be happy to inform you about schedules, events and provide you with insider information’s.

We also can give you details regarding events at regional level or in the surrounding cities of Bad Reichenhall, Salzburg, Rosenheim or Munich. Our knowledge will be very helpful for your planning’s and you will get chances to see places, where a normal visitor would never get to…